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Inputs ​                                  Four line level inputs, one balanced input, bypass

Digital Inputs                        Three SPDIF coax, two SPDIF optical, one USB type B

                                             Word length up to 24bit 96k, USB up to 16 bit 44.1ks/s.

Outputs                                Two line level outputs, one balanced output, tape output

Volume Control                    Motorised remote control (analogue) RC5 compatible

Mains Power Switching       Separate for analogue and digital circuits



Input Sensitivity                   120mV for 1 Volt out

Maximum Output                 9 Volts

Frequency Response           0dB 15Hz-98kHz

Bandwidth                            8Hz-125kHz

Signal to Noise                     >85dB

Distortion                             <0.05% @ 1kHz, 1 Volt out

Gross Weight  (packed)       10kgs

Dimensions                         120 x 430 x 340mm (hwd)




Inputs ​                                    Stereo line level, stereo balanced

Outputs                                  Stereo pair multi-way locking binding posts

Front Panel Gain Selector     6dB input attenuation

Front Panel Input Selector     RCA or XLR



Input Sensitivity                      735mV for full output

Power Output                         40 Watts into 8 Ohms both channels working

Frequency Response             0dB 20Hz-80kHz

Bandwidth                              6Hz-113kHz

Signal to Noise                       >96dB

Distortion at 1 Watt 1kHz      >0.05%

Gross Weight  (packed)         25kgs

Dimensions                            206 x 430 x 460mm (hwd)


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