Jürg Jecklin Float QA

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Electrostatische hoofdtelefoon met voeding.

The new Float QA is the contemporary version of the original Float, designed decades ago. Even more closer to the demands Jürg Jecklin considered for an ideal headphone, or better headspeaker. Developed as a perfect tool for the work in a recording studio. Designed to get used for hours, that`s why we call the new Float QA "wagnertauglisch". To use the Float QA you need one of the special power supply units. Depending on how you like to use the Float QA decide for the classic passive "power supply QA", the "power supply active QA" (main amplifier in the box) or the "power supply active Transdyn QA" (mainamplifier plus volume control and Transdyn in the box). 


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