Naim NAC 122x

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The NAIM NAC122x preamplifier, a replacement for the NAIM NAC112x, is based on its larger brother the NAC202 and features a hardwired motorised Alps volume control potentiometer delivering better performance, lower noise in use and an improved feel over the resistor ladder volume control of the NAIM NAC112x

The NAIM NAC122x preamplifier six DIN inputs are relay switched, contrasting with being multiplexed on the NAC112x, improving performance. Inputs one and six: (CD and Aux2) are duplicated on RCA sockets. With the NAIM NAC122x preamplifier much care in the design has been afforded to making the casework and PCB as low resonance as possible and to isolate the PCB from the environment and hence deleterious vibrations.

The NAIM NAC122x preamplifier features an additional output in addition to the Naim standard DIN. This stereo output on two RCA sockets, is optimised for connection to an active subwoofer, supports the growing use of 2.1 systems.

The NAIM NAC122x preamplifier can be powered from the preamp power outputs of the NAP150x or NAP200 or can be upgraded by powering it from either a FlatCap 2x or Hi-Cap 2 power supply. One of the DIN inputs can supply power to a Naim Stageline outboard phono stage. Rear panel layout is similar to the NAIM NAC202 and hence is Fraim friendly


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