Audio Analogue Maestro 192/24

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Audio Analogue Maestro 192/24 CD-speler

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High performance power supply with two transformers (one of which toroidal) and eight different voltage regulation sections.
High-performance 192KHz/24bit D/A converter. The Over-Sampling of the DAC is present in all configurations and allows the use of low slope  filters.
Low-jitter, sample-rate converter.
PLL implemented by discrete components.
Analogical circuits implemented by discrete components.
Highest-quality passive components: lowest-tolerance metallic-layered resistors (MIL standard), 
Low-tolerance, non-polarized polyester/polypropylene capacitors. 
High-speed, low-loss, high-capacity electrolytic capacitors and organic-electrolyte, low-capacity electrolytic capacitors.
High-contrast VFD graphic display.
Microcontroller system control.


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